Band of Horses: il nuovo singolo "Lights"


Oggi, 19 gennaio 2022, i Band of Horses annunciano il nuovo singolo "Lights", terzo estratto da prossimo album Things are great, in uscita il 4 marzo 2022, via BMG.

Il testo del leader Ben Bridwell ci racconta di un film immaginario che racconta di una serata fuori con un amico che si trasforma in quello che sembra un episodio di Law & Order; il caso da risolvere, però, è in realtà un mistero su dove sia finito l'amore.

Lo stesso Ben ha affermato: “I was with my family at an indoor water park hotel. On my last day there, I was walking down the hall and this guy was like, ‘Ben?’ It happened to be this dude that was producing the film that I was writing the score for. We met up in the family-friendly hotel bar which gets closed down by us at 10:00, at which point we then ended up in the parking lot. We get a little loose - nothing too crazy, but we ended up dodging security guards. Our story then goes on to when I’m back home and someone had broken into my house. With the cops that ended up being around, there were more people turning the lights on us, one way or another. At the parking lot of the hotel, it was the security guards turning them on to check on us out there and at home, it was the lights going on and off with these cops. I’m drawing metaphors here and there from these two stories. Also, things were going poorly for me at that time and that kind of peppers the entire track.”.

“More metaphorically,” ha aggiunto Bridwell, “the song was meant to be a bit uplifting and I’m wishing for a better existence in a way. I’m getting over the things that had been going wrong in my life. The lights go on signifying it’s a better day kind of thing.”.

"Lights" è il terzo estratto dal sesto album in studio della band, il primo dopo 5 anni.

Un vero e proprio ritorno al loro lavoro precedente e al crudo ethos che caratterizza nel profondo i Band of Horses. Il brano è stato preceduto dai due singoli "In need of repair" e" Crutch" , con cui la band ha  raggiunto il numero 1 nella classifica radiofonica AAA, segnando per la prima volta la conquista della prima posizione nella storia della band.

TRACKLIST "Things Are Great"
1. Warning Signs
2. Crutch
3. Tragedy of the Commons
4. In The Hard Times
5. In Need of Repair
6. Aftermath
7. Lights
8. Ice Night We’re Having
9. You Are Nice To Me
10. Coalinga